A New Scientific Tradition

The proper study of Mankind is Man.
— Alexander Pope

Science has always been a part of human culture when viewed as the discovery, recording and passing down of knowledge. Scientific traditions are therefore just the formalizing of this into well-defined disciplines and guilds. In the past this process began with serendipity, and gradually coalesced into recognized activities, attitudes and ideas within self-selected communities of acknowledged practitioners, as is the case today.

The suggestion of deliberately setting out to create a scientific tradition may therefore seem novel, presumptuous, even arrogant; and perhaps it is. However, it can also be seen as the start of a new phase of human evolution, by which is meant psychic and spiritual evolution, both of which are denied by Modern Western Science. It implies that these processes are sufficiently well understood as to permit conscious, deliberate control, and that its practitioners have reached a stage in their personal development qualifying them for such an undertaking.

This website has prepared a Project Proposal for discussion by interested parties. It envisages the purchase of a country property large enough to serve as an experimental farm and orchard. Once in operation, the property would host both resident full-time staff and fee-paying students invited from countries with compatible social ideals. It would operate laboratories equipped with facilities both for on-going research and for training students. The initial focus would be on equipment for use by small-scale farmers to move from chemical-based agriculture to electroculture. Production and sale of the resulting devices would be contracted to manufacturers in the participating nations.

The imminent large-scale deployment of robots and Artificial Intelligence threatens increasingly wide-spread unemployment in the developed nations. The only solutions offered by governments and corporations require lives of idleness and dependence on enhanced social security for the unemployed, who may eventually be a majority of the population.

By contrast, the Project envisages a return to country life in small communities practising both local agricultural self-sufficiency, high-technology development of new psychophysical artefacts, and research into human evolution, both here on Earth and throughout the cosmos.

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