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New Project

Building a multifunction
laboratory instrument using
a modern development board.

Perhaps the easiest approach to psychophysical experimentation is to use a combination of three well-established technologies:

  1. Very high voltages such as those produced by Negative Air Ion Generators.
  2. Sensitive high-impedance voltmeters for measuring down to microvolt levels.
  3. Modern microcontrollers to acquire and record measurements at high speed in real time.

A simple home-built Negative Air Ion Generator is described on this page. The Project to be described here uses an Odroid C2 as the control element of a multichannel high-impedance voltmeter. This combination provides very powerful measurement capabilities that are also very inexpensive.

The initial aim is to duplicate experiments that were done in the last half of last century using much improved equipment. Once consistent results are obtained, more detailed experiments can be designed to explore the pscyhophysical interface using potted plants as the interface between the Physical and Psychic Realms.


Odroid C2
eMMC module
16x2 LED shield
7" LCD module
Hifi application