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New Project

Building a modern desktop PC
using a fanless MiniPC
and Debian 9.4.

On 5th September 2014 Intel launched the first three Broadwell-based processors based on 14 nanometre technology. In February 2015, Samsung announced that their Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones would feature 14 nm Exynos systems on chip. Although these wese regular steps in the companys' "tick-tock" development cycles, it marked a watershed in hardware design.

The reason is simple: the size of the CPU silicon chip had shrunk so far as to reduce power dissipation below the threshold requiring fan-forced cooling. This allowed a completely new approach to the design of Personal Computers and related equipment. Without the noisy, bulky CPU fan and heatsink, the volume of the motherboard reduced markedly. At the same time, even the case cooling fan became redundant. The results can be seen in the photos at left.

The formerly ubiquitous "desktop tower" enclosure became far larger than needed, allowing a new generation of enclosures to be designed. In addition, a different style of enclosure became possible as in the photos at right. A small aluminium box about six inches square can now contain the processing power of the previous enclosures measuring at least 15 x 15 x 6 inches.

This Project will provide details of how to assemble a modern desktop MiniPC and configure it with the latest industry-standard Open Source Software.


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